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Introducing the new Panasonic INDustrial App

By: Panasonic

Component and device specifications made easy, accessible and shareable with your mobile device.

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ECE126 Flourosilicone Elastomer

By: Laird Technologies

ECE126 is a Silver-coated Aluminum filled fluorosilicone elastomer that meets the MIL-DTL 83528 Type D specifications. This material can be Molded, Extruded, or formed into sheets and then Die Cut.

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By: Sensirion

The SHT2x Series was designed for mass production and low power consumption. The par size is 3x3x1.1mm3
Sensirion's humidity and temperature as well as temperature-only products are based on Sensirion's CMOSens® Technology, which combines the strengths of standard CMOS production processes and advanced MEMS technology on a single silicon chip. The temperature sensors are based on a silicon bandgap temperature sensor principle. The humidity is sensed using a capacitor. Its dielectric is realized through a polymer, which absorbs or desorbs water depending on the ambient humidity. The capacitive element is designed as interdigitated electrodes.

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DCM's in a VIA package

By: Vicor Power

The DCM in a VIA Package is a ruggedized modular DC-DC converter operating from an unregulated, wide range input, to generate an isolated and regulated high efficiency output with much higher power densities than competitive products.

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HTLT Series


The HTLT series miniature Hall effect joystick is a proportional linear output finger joystick with a pushbutton option. The HTLT has more output choices including PWM and 3.3V SPI. It comes in 3 button styles, 3 mounting options and is sealed to IP68S.

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